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Homa Hotels Group - Moments of Luxury in the Land of Iran

Homa Hotels Group is a prominent hospitality services company in Iran, offering quality and five-star accommodations for over half a century. Proudly welcoming guests to five five-star hotels in various cities across Iran, each one with unique attractions and facilities.

History of Homa Hotels Group

Established in 1357 (1978) by the Iranian government, Homa Hotels Group became one of the elite players in the hospitality industry in the country. Throughout different periods, the group was owned by Iran Air, the national airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and later transferred to the ownership of the Social Security Organization in 1391 (2012) following organizational changes.

Distinguished Features of Homa Hotels Group

Currently, Homa Hotels Group owns five five-star hotels with over 800 rooms in various cities across Iran. These hotels, differentiated by location and amenities, offer tourists a unique opportunity to experience luxury accommodation in the land of Iran.

Homa Tehran Hotel - Luxury Stay in the Heart of Tehran

Homa Tehran Hotel, located in the heart of Tehran on Valiasr Street near Vanak Square, is attractive to guests due to its easy access to important economic, political, cultural, and historical centers of Tehran.

Facilities and Services of Homa Tehran Hotel

With magnificent architecture and modern design, Homa Tehran Hotel provides 177 rooms and suites to guests. Combining tradition and modernity, the hotel offers a warm and intimate atmosphere, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for guests.

Tourism Scope of Homa Hotels in Different Iranian Cities

Operating as a service company in Iran, Homa Hotels Group currently manages five hotels with over 800 rooms in four different cities: Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Bandar Abbas.

Homa Tehran Hotel and Its History

Homa 1 Tehran Hotel, formerly part of the Sheraton Hotels before being nationalized after the national revolution, draws inspiration from the renowned American architect Walton Beckett. The hotel provides guests with easy access to shopping centers in Vanak and Tehran's main highways.

Homa Mashhad Hotel and Cozy Apartments

Homa 2 Mashhad Hotel, the second hotel in the group located in Mashhad, underwent renovation until 1395 (2016). With 206 rooms and suites, this hotel is considered one of the coziest in Mashhad, situated in a calm environment away from the hustle and bustle.

Homa Shiraz and Bandar Abbas Hotels

Homa Shiraz Hotel, with 232 rooms, suites, and apartments, and Homa Bandar Abbas Hotel, with 187 rooms and suites, offer luxurious amenities to guests. Both hotels are considered suitable options for accommodation in the cities of Shiraz and Bandar Abbas due to their excellent locations and recreational facilities.

Summary: Homa Hotels, blending tradition and modernity, provides luxury services in various cities across Iran. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and experienced personnel, the group ensures a luxurious and memorable stay for its guests.